Swiss K-11 Short Rifles

Hey, everybody. Ben with Classic Firearms here. Today is Tuesday, April the 4th. We’re going to keep this one short and sweet
today, because we have a lot going on here today, a very busy day here at Classic Firearms. But we do have some nice surplus for you today,
some Swiss K11 short rifles, the Swiss straight pulls. These are all K11’s. We have them in three different grades. Matt’s running the camera today. Matt, come on in and take a look. Let’s show the people what we’ve got. We have some good code, some more good code,
and then some very good excellents that I’m really excited about it. The ones on this end are the GC code. Stands for Good Cracked. You can see the code right here, the GC. Typically these rifles will have a crack in
the stock somewhere, even though it is typically very minor. This appears to be about the roughest one
that I’ve seen. You can see some mottling in the bluing, but
still obviously a very functional rifle. As to the crack, I’ll be dogged if I’ve found
it on this one, and that’s the case sometimes. Century grades these, and sometimes they put
a C on it and I’m not able to find the crack. On the other hand, some of our standard Good
codes that don’t supposed to have cracks in them, I’ve noticed a crack. Let me show you one of those here. This is one of the standard good codes. Beautiful rifle. I’ll show you the grade here, the G. If it’s only got a G, it shouldn’t have a
crack in the stock anywhere. But I noticed, and it’s very faint, I don’t
know if the camera will pick it up. But in the interest of full disclosure, we
like to show that stuff. Now I’ve noticed this one, so we’ve moved
it over here. We’re going to be selling that one as a GC. Under our custom options that will be a lower
price, under the custom option selection. But if we see a crack, we move it over there. I told you all that, folks, to tell you this. As far as K31’s go and Swiss rifles in general,
if you have a G code rifle, the GC’s and the G’s are sometimes kind of interchangeable. Sometimes we find small cracks in the G’s
that they don’t have listed. Sometimes it’s difficult to find a crack in
the GC. But we try all we can to go by the importer
grading. Kind of takes the pressure off us to do the
grading job on them. We just show you what we’ve got, and that’s
the way we sell them. You’ve seen our GC’s. Here’s some examples of our G code rifles
here in the middle. I’ll just hold up one. If you’re not familiar with the Swiss rifles,
they’re straight pull rifles chambered in 75 x 55. A very accurate rifle. About 80% of these will have their slings. They’re highly desirable. Swiss never use corrosive ammo, so typically
they have very good bores on them. We’ve done Swiss rifles before, so most of
you know what they are. There’s another example of a G code rifle. As you can see, this one did not come with
a sling. If they had a sling, you’ll get a sling. If they didn’t have a sling, you won’t get
a sling. Slings are thrown in when they’re on the rifles. Also, thank you, Matt. Matt’s so considerate. Some of them have muzzle covers. I’m looking at the end of the table here. Probably a third of these do. Again, if it came with that to us from the
importer, you’ll get it. If not, you won’t. Let’s move on down to our ones that I’m really
proud of. We only have three of these. These came to us under the V code for Very
Good. Frankly, I would have rated these three rifles
probably higher than that. These are borderline Excellent. By K11 or Swiss rifle standards, these are
gorgeous. This one here in the middle has the mid color
stock. I’ll let Matt scan all three of these. This first one has a very light, beechwood
colored stock. Then we have more of a maple colored stock. Then we have a dark one. In all of the cases, the finishes are very
smooth. That one’s got a little dust on it. Bluing’s very nice. Good numbers on them, and as I said, good
bores. Those will be a custom upgrade. Let’s get pricing. Standard G code rifles, $389.99. GC’s under a custom option are going to be
$20 less, so you save $20 on the GC under the custom option. On our very goods, $50 up charge on those. We have three. There’ll be three under custom option as Very
Good Excellent, $50 up charge. Again, the base level, $389.99. Folks, when you see the email, these will
be posted to the site. We appreciate your business. As always, thank you for being with us at

10 Replies to “Swiss K-11 Short Rifles

  1. Awww crap! I just bought a PTR91 GI from you. It's like in route. I love Swiss rifles. I might have made a different choice….

  2. Posting them for sale after the email/video is an excellent move! At least everyone's not waiting to pounce at the last second and crash the site. Good on ya Ben.

  3. For some reason, I enjoy Ben's videos, will even watch videos of firearms I'm not interested in. I'm on the lookout for a VG-E grade SKS… maybe some day.

  4. Got one of these can't wait for this to arrive. I wish you guys would give an option to make Ak Rifles California Compliant. Living behind enemy lines can make things difficult

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