revolver 7th update

ok so this is the seventh update of my revolver
um.. I… took the frame off the old one, so i took the frame off of this one and I
fitted it to the new one um.. and now its… really good. uhh.. I put some screws in here.
uhh. screws there I only have one screw right there right now but, because I could only
find one of those screws here, and its screws in the back here and here. so I can … pull
it back. theres uhh… a.. like a… safety notch I guess umm… that ones supposed to
be half cock, so i guess ill have to figure it out… how to change that, and then that’s
full cock. yeah, so…um.. I need to find a leaf spring, for in here, from here to there,
umm … its… I couldnt find one last time, so. Ill probably just make my own. umm if
you know how to make one, leave a comment or something. uh.. but yeah… so… Next,
uhh… I should be making the cylinder stop. I think I said that last time, but um…I actually
tried to make it. It didn’t work. This is what I have. Uhh. I have to modify, I have
to modify this a little bit, but it… it was very difficult to make, so…uh…I may
just work with this one or make a new one. Umm… ok, right now… uhh…there’s… the
safety, I guess. and then I guess i’ll put on a half cock.. uh… right around there, then
full cock. Uhh.. I’ll take it apart, if you want to see what it looks like inside. uh…
and even if you don’t, you don’t have a choice… so… whatever. Alright, so… pull it back…
trigger. There. This just pulls out.. You got the uhh… this little block thing. The
cylinder rotater. You got the trigger. Oh no… Never mind. Alright, so you got the
trigger… ah yeah… Here is the trigger. And… and, I have that spring on there. So, yeah… I
think i’m going to drill the from out, so I can put a barrel. Soon… um… yeah. Um…
sorry… i’m kind of sick. This is some screw holes. There’the hole for the cylinder stop…
In there, and that’s about it. Alright, leave a comment. a comment or some thing, just so I know you
guys are watching. ok, alright… Thanks for watching.

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